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So Cal Racing Fuels: GULF Racing Fuels


Gulf Racing Fuels is a name rich in motorsports history. For many years Gulf Oil was synonymous with auto racing, as it famously sponsored the John Wyer Automotive team in the 1960s and early '70s. With its signature light blue and orange color scheme associated with the Ford GT40, the Mirage M1 and Porsche 917, Gulf became one of the most famous corporate racing colors schemes. The car's notoriety only spread as they successfully competed in the most challenging races of the their day, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Targa Florio.

In addition to its racing success, much of Gulf's popularity can be attributed to the 1971 film Le Man,s and to Steve McQueen's character, Michael Delaney, who drives for the Gulf team in the film. In the years since his death in 1980, McQueen's popularity has only increased, causing Gulf Racing team sponsor Tag Heuer to recreate the Heuer Monaco limited edition the watch with the Gulf logo and trademark color scheme.

In the same era, Gulf Oil also sponsored Team McLaren during the Bruce McLaren days, which used a papaya orange color scheme with Gulf blue lettering.

While many recognize the GT40's and Porsche 917's of the late sixtes and seventies, many do not realize that modern cars are racing with the Gulf name in endurance racing today.

Today Gulf Racing Fuels is run by people who love the brand and the excitement of motorsports. We are based in Houston, Texas and have fuel in some of the most exciting cars you'll find anywhere.

For tuners, enthusiasts and racers, the Gulf legend lives on through their premium racing fuels.

Categorized into two major categories, Gulf Mach and Gulf Racing Legend, each category addresses the needs of specific markets.


GULF Mach Fuels: Engineered for today's technology, featuring several blends:


Gulf Mach 105

  • Unleaded and ethanol free.
  • Specifications: Research Octane 110, Motor Octane 100, R+M/2 105, Specific Gravity 0.78

Gulf Mach 110

  • Unleaded and ethanol free
  • Specifications: Research Octane 115, Motor Octane 105, R+M/2 110, Specific Gravity 0.78

Gulf Mach 116

  • 116 Octane unleaded and ethanol free
  • Specifications: Research Octane 125, Motor Octane 107, R+M/2 116, Specific Gravity 0.79

Marine 100 and ATV

      • Unleaded racing fuel with a proprietary oxygenate that has 30% higher BTU than ethanol with moisture resistance.
      • R+M/2 100, Specific Gravity 0.78, oxygen/vol 3.5%.

Gulf Legend Fuels: Leaded fuel blends, tailored for Classic Racing vehicles


Gulf Racing Legend 100LL

      • A low lead ethanol free fuel designed for engines that require some lead.
      • Specifications: Motor Octane 100

Gulf Racing Legend 116L

        • Leaded and ethanol free racing fuel. When you require maximum performance and lead in your engine, this is your fuel.
        • Specifications: Research Octane 112, Motor Octane 120, R+M/2 116