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There's tons of information floating around on the internet. Since Gulf and VP are the two dominant forms of racing fuel we carry, we've posted some excerpts from their respective web sites about theses specific fuels. We've also included some general FAQs about racing fuel to help those who may be less informed with respect to the benefits of racing fuel.

Q. Can Gulf MACH unleaded racing fuels really replace any leaded or unleaded race fuel from 105-116 octane?

A: Yes. Gulf MACH unleaded racing fuels have more detonation resistant than the most known high octane leaded fuels, yet they have a tighter, more engineered burn characteristic. This gives you the best of both worlds: It will handle gobs of boost & timing, yet you’ll maintain sharp throttle response and off-idle performance. It’s almost impossible to “over octane” with Gulf MACH unleaded racing fuels, so if you’ve been using any 105-116 octane race fuel, try Gulf MACH!

Q: How long is the shelf life of Gulf racing fuel?

A: Gulf Legend and MACH racing fuels contain no ethanol and have shown to have a shelf life (unopened) of 2 years and up to a year after being opened. Gulf MARINE and ATV fuels contain Bio butanol and has a shelf life similar to pump gas. All 3 Gulf Racing Fuels have significantly more storage life than leaded or heavily oxygenated race fuels, so stock up!

Q: What is the idle stoich of Gulf MACH 116?

A: The idle stoich falls between 14.77:1 and 15, depending on the application.

Q: How easy is it to switch from 116 leaded to Gulf MACH 116 in terms of tuning?

A: It’s quite easy. Gulf MACH 116 is a very dense fuel (specific gravity is .76) and tends to run 3-4% richer if run on the same tuning as a non-oxygenated, leaded race fuel. In other words, it’s safe to baseline and fine tune from your starting point. If you’re currently running an oxygenated fuel, you’ll need to lean out your tune significantly before running Gulf MACH 116, otherwise it will run quite rich.

Q: Can I use Gulf MACH 116 to kill the weeds in my yard?

A: Not unless you enjoy prison.

Gulf Legend Fuels

Gulf Legend 100LL: For the Vintage or Historic Racer

Gulf 100 Low Lead (LL) replaces typical aviation fuel. While the original product provided the racer with a high-octane, low price work-around, it was specifically blended to accommodate static power characteristics typical of fixed-pitch, constant-manifold general aviation engines. Consequently, when applied in the racing environment, performance weaknesses sometimes appear, usually driven by concerns associated with reduced throttle response.

Now, the racer can feel entirely confident, since the new Gulf 100LL applies cutting-edge technology to resolve the throttle response problem by creating a higher explosive velocity while, at the same time, maintaining appropriate lead levels necessary for older, high-compression engines.

Typical Properties:

R+M/2 104
RVP 6.48
Oxygen Vol% 0
Specific Gravity 0.714
Color Light Blue
% Evaporated:
Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 2.32.56 PM Racing Fuel

Gulf Legend 116L

For the High-Octane Dependent Vintage or Historic Racer

Gulf Legend 116 offers high-octane performance, plus additives that create increased explosive velocity, leading to better response throughout a race engine’s power-band. The leaded-fuel product is specifically blended for high compression, high-power powerplants; and is further enhanced by the application of pure petrochemical streams that resist oxidation significantly.

Typical Properties:

R+M/2 116
RVP 5.03
Oxygen Vol% 0
Specific Gravity 0.727
Color Aqua
% Evaporated:
Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 2.33.07 PM